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May 05 2023

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PRĪS is a pediatric hospitalist research network. Hospitalists are physicians whose clinical practice is the care of hospitalized patients. Hospitalists are hospital-based physicians who want to ensure the system is delivering the highest quality of care for patients. The PRĪS Network has a vision to be the premier research network and continually define what best practice is and how it should be implemented.

  • 96 sites completed the survey
    • 41 (43%) are a Children’s hospital within a hospital
    • 41 (43%) are a Free-standing children’s hospital
    • 13 (14%) are a Community hospital with significant pediatric subspecialty services
  • 91 sites have hospitalists that work with physician trainees
  • 46 sites said they had satellite inpatient units or hospitals (e.g., additional sites under the same hospital umbrella where your hospital provides patient care)
  • 46 sites said they had any affiliate hospitals (your hospital may have relationship with this hospital or some of your staff may provide care there)?
  • 34 states and 2 Canadian Provinces represented
  • Clinical FTEs average 20.5 (range 3-289)
  • Pediatric Beds average 192 (range 4-737)

Our Mission

The mission of PRĪS is to improve the health of and healthcare delivery to hospitalized children and their families. This will be done by conducting large, multi-institutional studies in areas of inpatient pediatric care that are relevant to clinicians and the decisions they face when caring for children and their families in everyday clinical practice.