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FAAN-C Trial- A look at Hospital Discharge Follow up


At the time of hospital discharge, automatic follow-up is often a hospitalist’s default recommendation. That is, families are instructed to automatically attend a follow-up visit with the child’s primary care provider shortly after discharge, even if the child recovers from their illness in the meantime. The alternative strategy is PRN (pro re nata, “as-needed”) follow-up, a patient and family-centered approach that empowers parents to monitor their child’s symptoms after discharge and decide if a follow-up visit is necessary. Post-hospitalization follow-up visits are time consuming and often result in missed work for parents, missed school for children, and expenses like co-pays and transportation costs. These burdens disproportionately affect racial/ethnic minority and lower income families. For this reason, greater understanding of the relative merits of automatic vs PRN follow-up is needed.

The Follow-up Automatically vs As-Needed Comparison (FAAN-C, or “fancy”) trial will compare the effectiveness of automatic vs PRN follow-up, among otherwise healthy children hospitalized for pneumonia, skin and soft tissue infection, UTI, or gastroenteritis. The primary outcome for the trial is all-cause hospital readmission within 14 days of hospital discharge. Secondary outcomes include patient and family-centered outcomes (e.g., child missed school, parent missed work, and parent anxiety) and other healthcare utilization outcomes (e.g., ambulatory healthcare visits and medical testing). FAAN-C is funded by the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute.